Saturday, December 15, 2007

Files in CmsForNerd

Files in CmsForNerd

(1) This files must be in the contents directory - Contain information for HEAD TAG - not used but need to have. Refer themes directory - The footer of the website - Right hand side colum - Left hand side colum

(2) This files must be in the includes directory - php functions - parameter global to all

(3) This directory and files must be in the themes directory

CmsForNerd - the directory (folder)

Inside this folder should have this files.

theme.php - This will call the style.css
style.css - The CSS file that control the appearance of the website
pager.php - The control page for the layout
header.tpl - called by pager.php
bodytop.tpl - called by pager.php
bodyfooter.tpl - called by pager.php

If you want to customize the layout. Copy the contents of this CmsForNerd folder into another name and it should be in themes directory.

To called you new theme, change the file in includes directory. The parameter $THEMENAME="CmsForNerd"; should change to your theme name.

18 November 2007