Sunday, November 18, 2007

CmsForNerd A CMS For Nerd

The goal of CmsForNerd is to make a CMS that suitable to advanced users with the knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS. CmsForNerd is for small website, contents that will not alway be change and does not required database. Most of CMS is to complicated or big, as a solution for this type of website.

The admin only need to copy 2 files. One file in PHP code will called a file that has the content in HTML. This PHP file will also called a theme files that will customize the look of the website.

With the knowledge in PHP, HTML and CSS a theme can be customize. Theme can be change without the need to adjust the contents.

The content files can contain any type of coding, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and many more, as long the web server support it.

One of our concern about using CMS, the need to customize the links output for the search engine. We want to make the links and output produce a search engine friendly.

The codes already in production.

A sample site can be view at

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