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CmsForNerd For Learning HTML CSS and PHP

CmsForNerd For Learning HTML CSS and PHP

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CmsForNerd is a simple Contents Management Software or CMS that can easily understand by any PHP programmers. It's using the common logics and structures that are used by numbers of PHP programs and CMS.

Our goal is to produce an output that confirm to XHTML W3C standard. By using PHP any web pages a website using CmsForNerd can have a standard theme and XHTML output.

CmsForNerd is target for advanced end users that like to coding in HTML, PHP and CSS but want the web site to be easy to maintain and manage.

CmsForNerd is design not to used any database. CMS with database will added extra administration jobs to backup and checking the database.

CmsForNerd is for small web site with static contents that not usually change.

A web page from CmsForNerd is called from a PHP script. Each web pages will have it own PHP scripts. This PHP scripts will get it's content from contents folder. This PHP script also called pager.php from theme folder for the layout of the web page.
The list of Files and folders used by CmsForNerd

(1) This files must be in the contents directory

* - Contain information for HEAD TAG. Some information need to be customize for your website.
* - not used but need to have for reference. Refer header.tpl in themes folder.
* - The common footer of the web site.
* - Right hand side colum.
* - Left hand side colum.

(2) This files must be in the includes directory

* - PHP functions for CmsForNerd to work.
* - parameter global to all.

(3) This directory and files must be in the themes directory

* CmsForNerd - the directory (folder). It can be in any name depending on the theme.

Inside this folder should have this files.

* theme.php - It's called by in includes folder. This file will call file style.css for CSS.
* style.css - The CSS file that control the appearance of the website.
* pager.php - The control page for the layout. It is called by the PHP scripts of the web pages.
* header.tpl - called by pager.php. Usually the top banner graphic is called from here.
* bodytop.tpl - called by pager.php
* bodyfooter.tpl - called by pager.php

If you want to customize the layout. Copy the contents of this CmsForNerd folder into another name and it should be in themes directory.

To called you new theme, change the file in includes directory. The parameter $THEMENAME="CmsForNerd"; should be change to your new theme.

CmsForNerd Main Site
CmsForNerd Blog

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